Jala Namibia is frequently partnering with the following companies:

APPLICATIO Training & Management GmbH (Hamburg / Germany)
APPLICATIO is an independent international service company with extensive experience of developing and transitional countries as well as industrialising countries. It focuses on both the planning and realisation of highly practice-oriented training programmes as well as management and marketing consulting services to companies and organisations worldwide.

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Proudly Namibian Media Group (Windhoek / Namibia)
The Proudly Namibian Media Group – the innovative media and entertainment company for namibia is an innovative, entrepreneurial powerhouse founded in 2009 in the Namibian capital Windhoek! A team of media, marketing, IT, online, entertainment and start-up experts plan, conceptualize, realize, manage and market media projects in Namibia – online and offline! They strive to bring those ideas that work in the global market to Namibia… as they believe in Namibia.

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Webhost Namibia (Windhoek / Namibia)
Webhost Namibia is Namibia’s 1-stop online shop for all your domain and hosting needs.