Jala Namibia is approaching its projects through a small core team and the use of freelance experts. Generally, our work is based on a “take-the-best approach”, meaning that we keep the core team to a minimum and rather rely on the best, freelance experts for a specific task or phase of our projects.

Our pool of freelance experts come from all fields of business, e.g. finance, marketing, ICT, consulting, people & human resources.

Christian Trede is the founder and head of Jala Namibia.  Christian started his consulting business under the name of Christian E. Trede CONSULTING in Hamburg/Germany in 2006. Towards the end of 2011 Christian moved back to Namibia, reshuffled the business and started Jala Namibia.

A brief introduction: Christian was born 1980 in Hamburg/Germany and raised in Sierra Leone, Germany, Namibia and South Africa. During his schooling time and undergraduate study he worked for the development cooperation and management company of his family and gained a deep insight into international projects. After finishing his vocational training degree in Audiovisual Media Management and a BA degree in Media Management at the Hamburg School of Business Administration/Wirtschaftsakademie Hamburg while working for a leading German internet publishing and advertising company, Christian decided to leave Germany once again to do his MBA at the University of Cape Town in 2005. In 1999 already, he started his first own business as an independent travel consultant specialised on Namibia, Mongolia and Sierra Leone. After returning from his studies in South Africa end of 2005 he started his consulting company in Hamburg/Germany. In 2011 Christian left Germany to Namibia, where he continues to work in his core business fields with an even stronger focus on the African market.