Jala Support Namibia

Jala Support Namibia (JSN) is suporting individuals, companies and organisations to make their successful move into Namibia.

Our support service includes:

  • Welcome Help for Immigrants or Temp. Residents, e.g. opening of bank accounts, P.O.Box, Municipality accounts, telecommunication, help with buying of vehicle, finding accommodation, etc.
  • Acquisition of companies for foreign investors (with focus on tourism businesses)
  • Setting up business presence for international companies
  • Registration of companies (Sole Proprietor, CC, PTY Ltd.)
  • Help with renting and buying of real estate and property
  • Administrative tasks (e.g. P.O.Box clearing, i.e. you get a P.O.Box and we will every 2 weeks clear it for you and send important documents by scanned eMail or mail to you)
  • Support with permits