In the Tourism sector we offer different services that are strongly interconnected with our core approaches of Consulting and Marketing.

  • Management
    • Interim Management
    • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Development & Growth
    • Market Research
    • Visitor Analysis
    • Strategic Planning
    • Product Development
    • Business Planning
    • Turn-arounds
  • Marketing
    • Branding
    • Offline-Marketing
    • Online-Marketing (including social & eMarketing as well as webdesign)
    • Advertising
    • Destination Marketing (Countries, Cities and Regions)

Our focusĀ  lies on accommodation establishments and restuarants, however, we also serve ministries and national tourism boards.

We offer two core products/services “off the shelf”:

  • Hospitality Consulting: financial, front and back management, guest relation management, IT solutions, marketing
  • Restaurant Consulting: IT solutions (e.g. online table booking system), marketing